Sunday, October 21, 2012

Nexus 7 Fears to Surface With Microsoft Tablet?

So what does this coming week mean for Android and the Nexus 7?

On matters of size, it may or may not have competition from an iPad just slightly bigger than it.

On matters of new tablet contenders, it is clearly facing the Microsoft offering Surface which will still be closer to the size of bigger tablets. Not quite direct competition there.

In real terms, price wise it should hold its own as Surface tablets are already priced a good few hundred dollars above it. With us still waiting to see if the October 23 announcement is an Apple Mini, to imagine an iPad anywhere near the price of the Nexus 7 would be difficult. Bringing in a near-7-inch tablet is one thing, pricing it as cheap or cheaper than an Android would detract from its cool factor.

The general thoughts around the traps for any competition between the Nexus 7 and Surface are varied.

One site suggests that the competition between Microsoft and even Apple is already lost with the pricing of Surface and RT tablets being higher than even the full-size iPads, let alone against the very popular Nexus 7.

Conversely another writer suggests Apple, Amazon and Google are going to be running scared of Windows 8 and RT and Surface. Perhaps the writer is being slightly over-optimistic and wishfully thinking.

At least one writer has managed a comparison between the Nexus 7 and Surface. While Surface may have a slight edge in processor and memory, size and weight give Nexus 7 a lead.

Of course, someone else thinks that combined, Nexus 7 and Surface can knock the iPad (whichever size) off its perch.

Cut-throat competition? Yes, someone even covers that angle.

NBC News suggests there are five things that could sink Windows 8 and send it scurrying from the surface (yes, there’s a lot of these Surface puns going around lately). Four of these things mean Nexus 7 is still going to hold quite well against any Microsoft tablet.

Of course, to finish this out, it seems there’ll be one variation on Surface that will be giving Android a clear lead…a KIRF version that turned up at a trade show. Yes, looks like Windows RT, but it’s actually Android-powered.

There had to be at least one of those come out sooner or later…

So…do you think Google, Amazon and Apple have any reason to shiver in their boots? Or are they going to watch any Microsoft tablet go the way of Windows Mobile/Windows Phone?

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